About Leicester Finance

Leicester Finance is edited by PJ White, a journalist based in Leicester. It is independent, funded by the business partnership alt62.

PJ set it up because he thinks the way that money goes around the city matters.  It’s not a specialist interest for those involved in business or public finance. It connects directly  to jobs, housing, politics, culture, sport, shopping, the physical environment, roads, transport— all the sights, sounds, smells and happenings of the city. To understand how Leicester operates, why it is how it is, you have to understand its finances.

Sadly, financial matters have a reputation for being dull and complicated. In response, Leicester Finance aims to be interesting, lively and thought-provoking. It will cover business, public finances, charities and non-profits. It will report on key aspects of the local economy and, occasionally, on personal finance issues specific to Leicester.  Whatever the focus, the approach will always be to provide news, analysis and data that provides insight into the city and its people.

Do contact us if you’ve something of interest that needs wider circulation.