Charities and the council—who gets what

City council payments to voluntary organisations are down, with big service deliverers getting the bulk of the cash

Leicester has a vibrant voluntary sector. It’s smaller than it was. It gets less money from the city council than it did. But charities and voluntary organisations large and small are still actively delivering services and improving the lives of local people.

Last year the city council funded more than 120 organisations, not including the small community grants that are distributed at ward level. Total funding was £6.5m, which is 28% down on the figure from two years ago. More than half the current funding goes to the top 20 funded organisations, many of which are delivering key social, adult or children’s services.

The first table below shows the 20 charities and voluntary organisations that received the largest payments. Together they total £3.5m, down from £3.9m the previous year. That is more than half the total payments made to the sector.

The second table below shows all the organisations and projects that received payments from the city council over the past three years. The data was provided by the city council in response to a Freedom of Information request. It comes with the following qualifications, indicating that conclusions and comparisons should be made with caution.

The information provided is by the payee name, not project name, as this is how its recorded on our accounting system.

The payments may be for contracted goods and services.

The information assumes the correct “coding” in our system.

Top 20 council payments to charities

Payments reported by Leicester City Council to voluntary and community sector organisations
 Organisation or project2014-152013-14
1.Age UK Leicester Shire & Contract Care Ltd£613,408£997,824
2.CLAC (Leicestershire Citizen Advice Bureau)£370,699£391,024
3.Voluntary Action Leicester£327,556£378,825
5.Health Watch - Leicester£234,432
6.Mosaic: ILP and Ashthorpe£205,163£205,163
7.Carers of Leicestershire Advocacy & Support Project (CLASP)£135,991£115,991
8.Wesley Hall Community Centre£134,300£134,300
9.The Race Equality Centre (Trec)£117,800£117,800
10.Northfields Play Association£115,487£148,298
11.Streetvibe Young Peoples Service£113,760£153,333
12.Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland£103,449
13.Goldhill Play Association£103,260£116,340
14.West Indian Senior Citizens Project£102,219£127,708
15.Sanatan Manavta Day Care Serv£101,590£91,596
16.Braunstone Adventure Playground£101,517£116,978
17.New Parks Adventure Playground£97,650£118,200
18.Woodgate Adventure Playground£95,963£116,575
19.Highfields Adventure Playground£93,522£109,848

In the following table organisations with no funding are included because they have received payments in the current financial year, 2015-16—though amounts are not yet finalised.

Council payments to voluntary and community organisations

Totals paid by Leicester City Council 2012-2015
 Organisation or project2014-152013-142012-13
15 Communities Project (SDSA Leicester)£14,070
2A4e Management Ltd£370,700
3Ace Project (Voluntary Action Leicester)£15,998
4Action Deafness Ltd£8,655
6Adhar (Recommission Service)
7Adhar (Serving 3 Communities) Asian (N&E) & African Com
8Advance Housing£53,154£54,054
9Adventure Play Buildings£2,422£4,224£2,318
10African Caribbean Centre Development Group£11,837
11African Caribbean Citzn Forum£43,100£43,100£43,100
12Age UK Leicester Shire & Contract Care Ltd£613,408£997,824£1,011,492
13Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland£103,449
14Ajani Women & Girls Centre Ltd£68,637
16Allexton Youth & Comm. Centre£10,556£14,778
17Alzheimers Society£51,136£51,136£51,136
18Angels & Monsters (Summer Playschemes)£3,400£4,760
20Asian Tower Club£2,256£2,444£2,253
21Baby Gear£30,096£72,930£72,930
22Bal Nagri£3,600
23Bangladesh Youth & Cultural Shomiti (Carers Respite)£14,382£14,382
24Bangladesh Youth & Cultural Shomiti (Supplementary Learning Project)£7,834£31,610
25Bangladeshi Language School£14,000
27Beaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Association£9,500£9,500£9,500
28Belgrave Neighbourhood Lunch Club£9,601£9,601£9,601
29Belgrave Playgroup£15,663£15,663
30Belgrave Playhouse£75,324£143,025£152,503
31Belgrave Playhouse Playgroup£9,777£10,206
32Braunstone Adventure Playground£101,517£116,978£119,414
33Braunstone Carnival£500£500£1,000
34Braunstone Frith Tenants Association£2,068£1,064£710
35British Red Cross M.A.D. for CAT£50,000£96,369
36British Red Cross M.A.D. for DLC£12,810
37British Red Cross Society£114,509
39Carers of Leicestershire Advocacy & Support Project (CLASP)£135,991£115,991£132,609
40Catch22 Charity Ltd£7,905£292,617
41Centre For Fun And Families£9,579£27,931£51,979
42Chinese New Year£1,000
43Christ in the Centre£2,000£2,000
44City & County Care Services Ltd£3,387
45City of Leicester Horticultural Show£2,000£2,000£2,000
46CLAC (Leicestershire Citizen Advice Bureau)£370,699£391,024£50,000
47Community Advice & Law Service£37,000
48Community Integrated Care£7,112
49Drum and Brass
50East Park Activity Group£24,641£28,254£28,254
51East West Community Project£43,067£46,002£46,002
52Ek Awaaj Young Peoples Centre£85,100£85,100
54Eyres Monsell Community Assoc£469£4,254
55Faith In People With Hiv£43,370£43,370£43,370
56Family Action£15,477£84,201
57Federation Of Muslim Organisations (FMO) (Infrastructure Support)£25,000£32,500£25,000
58Federation Of Muslim Organisations (FMO) (Madrasah Project)£40,000£35,000£35,000
59Friends of Leicester City Farm£78,589£50,011£78,590
60Glen Street Playgroup£11,700£11,700
61Goldhill Play Association£103,260£116,340£122,927
62Gujarat Hindu Association£30,000£22,500£22,500
63Guru Nanak Community Centre£47,332£53,345£53,237
64Guru Tegh Bahadur Day Centre£26,775
65Guru Tegh Bahadur Luncheon Cl£82,316£81,447£81,447
67Headway (Leic, Leics & Rutland)£1,616£17,799
68Headway Leicester£14,872
69Health Watch - Leicester£234,432
70Healthy Lifestyles Project (Leicester Football Club Plc) (Leicester Tigers)£37,441
71Highfields Advent.Playground£93,522£109,848£117,225
72Highfields Community Association (HCA)£341,833£219,750
73Hindu Community Centre£420£362
74IBC Quality Solutions Ltd£6,854
75Independent Complaints Advocacy Service£53,532£40,463
76Independent Mental Health Advocacy£57,734
77Irish Festival£1,000£1,000£1,000
78Jasmine House Leicester Rape Crisis£47,736
79Kelton Mckenzie - Boxercise4Health£1,500£1,040£1,735
80LAMP (Main Programme)£82,899£82,882£83,426
81LCCDS Management Co-operative Ltd T/a Case-Da£35,000
83Leicester Caribbean Carnival£60,000£80,000£100,000
84Leicester Charity Organ.Societ£46,818£46,818£46,268
85Leicester Chinese Elderly Club£5,493£5,493£5,493
86Leicester Council Of Faiths£25,000£31,250£25,000
87Leicester Counselling Centre£25,857£25,857£25,857
88Leicester International Music Festival£5,000£5,000£5,000
89Leicester Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Centre£4,538£20,000£20,000
90Leicester Playfair£4,700
91Leicester Pride£3,000£3,000£3,000
92Leicester Quaker Housing Association (Holmfield Day Care)£6,200
93Leicester Quaker Housing Association Limited£194£194
94Leicester Sikh Centre Lunch Club£308£308
95Leicester Stroke Club£7,152£7,160£7,160
96Leicester YMCA£11,598
97Leicestershire Aids Support Services£64,362£64,362£64,362
98Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living (LCIL)£34,650£46,200£48,200
99Leicestershire Ethnic Elderly Advocacy Project (LEEAP)£44,624£44,624£44,625
100Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service (Summer Playscheme)£3,015
101Lifeways Community Care Ltd£27,985£3,879£26,046
102Links - Carers Federation£309,458
104Manor House Community Association£9,727£4,176£13,750
108Mosaic Shaping Disability Serv£45,916£67,932
109Mosaic Shaping Disability Services FA SL&FSB£5,484
110Mosaic Shaping(Dis Serv)Main£1,417£391,640
111Mosaic Youth£31,100
112Mosaic: ILP and Ashthorpe£205,163£205,163
113Mowmacre Yp Play & Dev Assoc£73,515£84,110£70,906
114Musicians at Leicester Royal Infirmary project£2,000
117Network for Change
118New Dawn New Day£57,600
119New Parks Adventure Playground£97,650£118,200£118,639
120Northeaster Narrowboat Project£2,978
121Northfields Play Association£115,487£148,298£171,598
122Open Door Leicester£18,136
123Our Community Cares (Southfields Community Centre)£290
124Pakistan Youth&Community Assc£6,984£6,984
125Polish Day Centre£510£32,416£32,416
126Pre-School Learning Alliance (Leicestershire)£29,267
127Ramgarhia Board Leicester£9,216£9,216£9,219
128Rawal Community Association£15,666£30,498
129Rawal Community Association for RAHAT£27,030
131Relate Leicestershire£13,720£13,720£13,720
133Rethink (National Schizophrenic Fellowship)£9,180£9,180
134Rothley, Slavery and Me
135Royal Mencap Society£77,730£80,682£198,545
137Safe Supervised Places to play (Childrens Link)£5,414
138Saffron Lane Neighbourhood Council£53,978£69,400£69,399
139Saffron Lane Neighbourhood Council (SAFFCARE)£54,104£100,456
140Saffron Support For Elderly People£7,750£6,280
141Sanatan Manavta Day Care Serv£101,590£91,596£91,596
142Savera Resource Centre£86,600£86,600£86,600
143Shalom Lunch Club£4,747£4,740
144Shama Womens Training Centre£30,000£36,000£87,600
145Shelter Housing Aid & Research Project (Leicester)£50,000
146Shree Sanatan Community Project£26,114
147Sikh Community Centre£58,100£58,100£58,100
148Sikh Community Centre (Daycare)£2,040
149Sikh Community Centre (Playschemes)£9,375£10,500
150Silver Strand Luncheon Club£13,238£12,775£13,075
151Somali Community Parent Association£6,310
152Somali Development Services£10,750£45,400£45,400
153SSAFA Forces Help£21,200£28,419£21,200
154St Andrews Play Association£70,709£88,689£92,355
155St Matthews Childrens Act Grp£66,579£104,086£85,600
156St Matthews Elders Project£27,488
157St Peters Community Centre£14,856£14,856£19,099
158St Peters Lunch Club£6,360£4,167£5,264
159Streetvibe Young Peoples Service£113,760£153,333£118,250
160Takeover Radio Childrens Media Trust£6,800
161The Braunstone Foundation t/a b-inspired£18,150
162The Centre Project£6,000
163The Contact Project£25,000£34,408£151,747
164The Monday Club£8,058£8,058£8,058
165The Quetzal Project£7,200
166The Race Equality Centre (Trec)£117,800£117,800£117,800
167The Rawal Community Assocn£62,313£57,528
168The Samworth Academy (summer Playscheme)£12,700
169The Shalom Club£4,740
170Thurnby Lodge Youth & Community Association£5,026£3,979£684
171UR Choice Young Peoples Project Ltd£8,250£19,291£3,224
173Voluntary Action Leicester£327,556£378,825£378,825
174Voluntary Action Leicester (Values Volunteering)£221£67,972£90,629
175Warning Zone£20,000£20,000£20,000
176Wesley Hall Community Centre£134,300£134,300£134,299
177Wesley Hall Community Project£104,348£104,348
178West Indian Senior Citizens Project£102,219£127,708£127,707
179Willowbrook Activity Centre£4,000
180Woodgate Adventure Playground£95,963£116,575£129,537
181Woodgate Residents Association Ltd£8,800£8,800£8,801
182Young Leicestershire Ltd£17,527£19,900£19,900

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