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Leicester Finance does not publish unsubstantiated stories or information that cannot be verified.  We will need evidence to back up any claim, or other people to corrobate it. We will always protect confidential sources, insofar as that is possible. But government surveillance powers are far-reaching and not balanced by source protection laws.  Electronic trails can be uncovered. So if security is a concern, it is worth thinking hard about the risks involved. Encrypting messages may help. So might avoiding digital communications and just meeting in person.

The form below will encrypt messages automatically. Or you can email using the editor PJ White’s public key. It is linked to an email address, using the name editor, which you can also search for on a key server, such as MIT’s. The fingerprint is on the twitter profile.

Using this form will encrypt your message so it cannot be read in transit. As you compose your message it is only on your computer. When you finish the message, press the encrypt button. It will then be unreadable. You can then press send.

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