Where are Leicester’s empty properties?

Map shows location of empty commercial units

Below is a map of 1,215 empty commercial properties in Leicester. It’s a snapshot taken in December 2014. Clicking on a marker highlights the owner, the name and address of the property, the rateable value and the date it became empty.

When these figures were released, the most expensive empty property was the Lewisher Road premises of Crown Crest – with a rateable value of £412,500.

At the other end of the scale is a unit in BUSM business park on Ross Walk owned by Trafalgar Global and with a rateable value of just £240.

Leicester City Council had 267 empty properties, of which 75 were in the market centre undergoing reconstruction. Three are public conveniences, which have been empty for getting on for 15 years.

More than 500 properties have been empty for more than two years, with a total rateable value of £3.7m.

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