Fall in empty commercial property

City council follows trend of reducing unoccupied premises, partly by knocking them down

Updated story

Is Leicester blighted by empty shops, offices and commercial premises? Less so than it was, as figures show a steady fall of 24 per cent since 2010. Most recently released data, for the end of March 2015, reveal little change over the past year.

The city council has itself significantly reduced the number of empty properties it holds since last year. In the summer 2014, its property website showed 18 vacant properties. In May 2015 there are just five. The former post office in Bishop Street has been sold to developers of student accommodation. Negotiations are currently underway with a preferred bidder for the Haymarket Theatre. Four properties regarded as liabiliites to the council have been sold for a notional £1, including a property in Earl Howe Street to the Pakistani Youth and Community Association. In November 2014 sale at auction of various property, including the Douglas Bader Centre, raised £3.3m. Of course, it’s also reduced its empty units by knocking down the old Market Hall and the New Walk Centre.

See a map of empty commercial properties in Leicester.

Story updated on 10 July 2015 to incorporate latest figures supplied by Leicester City Council

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