Ethics & editorial code

Integrity is important to Leicester Finance. We take seriously stuff like truth, honesty, fairness, objectivity and sincerity. We try to avoid any conflict of interest, and also to avoid the appearance of any such conflict

Leicester Finance fully supports and adheres to the Editors’ Code of Practice, as developed by the Press Complaints Commission and now adapted by the Independent Press Standards Organisation.

In particular:

  • We take care to ensure accuracy in all reports. Any significant inaccuracy, or material tending to mislead or distort, will be corrected as soon as possible with due prominence.
  • Anyone who feels that they have been unfairly reported on will be given a fair opportunity for reply.
  • We do not use any information gained before general publication for our own profit, or pass on the information to others.
  • We take very seriously the moral obligation to protect confidential sources of information.
  • We respect the right to privacy and individuals’ right to private and family life, home, health and correspondence.

See the full Editors’ Code of Practice.

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