Parking tickets showing slight rise

Latest income figures steady, on course to raise just over a million for the year

Corrected story

City income from parking tickets looks steady after the first six months of the year. A total of £534,593 has been paid by overstayers and illegal parkers, on course to match the £1.05m income in 2014.

So far this year nearly 22,000 penalty charge notices, as they are officially known, have been issued. If this rate continues, it will surpass last year’s total of just under 40,000 tickets.

If parking tickets are on the rise, it will indicate a reverse of a steady decline from 2007. At that time numbers were approaching double the 2013 figures.

Income over the period has also fallen, from £2.13m in 2007 to £1.06m in 2014.

Tickets were issued in 801 different locations last year. The prime location was Western Road, with 717 tickets, followed by Churchgate, London Road and Wellington Street – all with approaching 700 tickets.

Serious parking contraventions, such as parking in a taxi rank or in a restricted street during prescribed hours, are charged £70. The fine for less serious offences, such as overstaying after paid for time has run out, is £50. Charges are reduced, to £35 and £25, if paid within 14 days.

Corrected story: This story was updated on 9 July and corrected to remove a misleading report that 2015 was heading for a bumper year for parking tickets. This was based on a misreading by a Leicester Finance reporter, who has been disciplined. And fined.

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