Pedestrian crossings and parking schemes

£20k for a pedestrian refuge as 22 schemes of neighbourhood works approved, residents’ parking studies cost £10k each

You think your busy road needs a pedestrian refuge. How badly do you want it? Would you still want one if you knew how much it would cost the city council to install it?

The cost turns out to be around £20,000. At least, that’s the budget for a refuge on Welford Road, near Muston Gardens. Some pedestrian crossing facilities are pricier. There’s £50,000 allocated for a pelican crossing on Gypsy Lane near Woodgreen Road. One on Glenfield Road, near Christ the King school, is budgeted for at £85,000.

Last week, city mayor Sir Peter Soulsby signed off on these and 20 other schemes related to crossings, parking, traffic calming and cycle paths. Referred to as local environmental works, the schemes cost £635,000 for the year 2015-16. Most will come from this year’s capital funding. Around £185,000 is carried over from the previous year.

The neighbourhood improvements are organised by ward and are intended to reflect local priorities, such as crossings and pavement parking. They also cover the replacement of diseased and dangerous street trees.

One of the largest allocations, a tenth of the total spend, is for cycle and footway links in Gleneagles Walk in Troon ward. The smallest is for £5,000 for Doncaster Road seating area in Belgrave. Two feasibility studies for residents’ parking areas are planned, costing £10,000 each, in Clarendon Park and St Matthews.

See the table below for the full programme of works.

Leicester City Council environmental works 2015-16

WardSchemeAllocationWork stream
AbbeySt Margaret’s Way Central Reservation£15,000Gateway & pocket public realm improvements
AylestoneGrace Road & Sanvey Lane Areas Controlled Pavement Parking Scheme Feasibility *£10,000Parking scheme projects
Beaumont LeysMalham Close Parking Area Provision£20,000Parking laybys, parking areas & verge hardening
BelgraveDoncaster Rd Seating Area£5,000Gateway & pocket public realm improvements
CastleClarendon Park Residents’ Parking Scheme Feasibility£10,000Parking scheme projects
CastleSpecific allocation within policy provision funding for 2015/16 to address planting scheme£50,000Vaughan Way central reservation improvements
Eyres MonsellRoche Close Parking Layby Area£40,000Parking laybys, parking areas & verge hardening
KnightonWelford Road Pedestrian Refuge (Muston Gardens)£20,000Pedestrian crossing facilities
Rushey MeadBraemar Drive Area Controlled Pavement Parking Scheme *£25,000Parking scheme projects
Rushey Mead & BelgraveMelton Road Side Streets Controlled Pavement Parking Scheme *£25,000Parking scheme projects
Spinney HillsBradbourne Road One- way System£20,000Highway safety scheme requests
StoneygateBartholomew Street Traffic Calming Alterations£25,000Speeding traffic issues; one way system & local
StoneygateEvington Footpath£10,000Gateway & pocket public realm improvements
ThurncourtWendy Close Parking Layby Area£40,000Parking laybys, parking areas & verge hardening
TroonGypsy Lane Pelican Crossing (Woodgreen Road)£50,000Pedestrian crossing facilities
TroonGleneagles Walk*£65,000Cycle & footway links
Various CitywidePram & Wheelchair Crossing Requests Programme£10,000Pedestrian crossing facilities
Various CitywideNew Local Traffic Regulation Order Requests (e.g. double yellow line restrictions)£30,000Miscellaneous parking control interventions
Various CitywideBollards, Cycle Racks and Railings (local pedestrian safety and parking issues)£40,000Miscellaneous parking control interventions
Various CitywideReplace diseased trees in conservation areas£30,000Replacement of street trees
WesternGlenfield Road (Christ the King School) Pelican Crossing*£85,000Pedestrian crossing facilities
WycliffeSt Matthews Residents’ Parking Scheme Feasibility£10,000Parking scheme projects
An asterisk indicates a carry over from previous year.

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